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TV Smith – “Buried by the Machine”

I described TV Smith as “Chomsky with a Guitar” the other day. That was before I’d listened properly to the two albums I bought at his gig.

Having now done so, my opinion…. has not shifted one little bit.

Is there a way forward
You’ve the will
Technology and the skill
They tell you to sight your target
Move in for the kill.
And stop complaining that you’re being
Buried by the machine

Up and running
It’s great!
Puts my meal
On your plate.
Prepare for hard labour
Trying to keep up to date
Snowed under – about six feet
Buried by the machine

I could get angry
Blame you
But you were just a dog
Jumping through their hoops
And you lost too
You got used
Blue collar
On a floor full of suits
Looks like you’re being dismantled
Instead of improved
Well that’s progress
We’re all being
Buried by the machine