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Newsflash: Fossil Fuel Lobby using blonde moppets as human shields in war on planet

Personally I am not a big fan of fascism.  Call me squeamish.  Nor am I a big fan of the whole ubermensch “Aryan blonde-blued eyed” thing .  Something to do with understanding who was on the land before whitey arrived and what whitey did to get that land.

I am not saying that the people shilling for Shell and Heathrow expansion are master-racers.  I am just saying that they have chosen – consciously or otherwise-  to mimic the visual grammar of the Nazis. Perhaps they didn’t read that Sontag essay carefully enough.

At 4pm I got an email from Greenpeace complaining about an advert that Shell is running.


At 10pm I got a facebook message from a very good friend, snapping something she’d seen on the tube.

heathrow picture arwa

Blonde girls as pictures of innocence.  Blonde girls as pure, representatives of the shining future that will last a thousand years.  Blonde girls (some of whom will grow up to do the whole Kinder Kuche Kirche thing), threatened by (unseen) wicked environmentalists. Who are probably communists and degenerates to boot.

There’s an implicit calculus of human worth here.  One rich white kid is worth, what, 50 poor brown foreign ones.  100?  Do I see a rise on 100.  Going once, going twice – 135 from the man in the suit over there.  135.  Do I see…  The irony is of course, that we think we can insulate ourselves from the consequences of our actions and we simply won’t be able to.  Things have gotten out of hand.*

I digress. Meanwhile, back to the crude visual analysis of crude visuals…We think we are beyond the crude rhetoric of the Creel Commission. And we are, just about…


If only I knew someone doing a PhD thesis on the tools that fossil fuel companies have used to stop any action on climate change that would interfere with their profits; (that is “most of it, in most cases”).

No, wait…


* opposable thumbs eh?  A two-edged sword, them.