Book: Goliath by David Harris

I remember reading this in Denmark in 1994 or so. I remember being blown away by it. We knew the shape of the problem(s) inside out by January 1970. And here we are, fifty three years later... Will read this alongside a couple of others and do a group review... #BetchaCan'tWait

Hudson’s law of nugatory plenaries

Plenary, n. meeting or session attended by all participants at a conference or assembly. ("working parties would report back to the plenary with recommendations") Nugatory adj. of no value or importance. Let's say, for the sake of a making a seemingly robust argument (i.e. one with numbers and percentages) that the likelihood of you getting... Continue Reading →

Lacking the capacity to sustain themselves – (eco)social movement organisations in decay, in decaying societies

Dashed off thoughts again because busy af. Feeling more-than-usually maudlin because it's obvious to me now (and always was, but I used to want to/was able to pretend to think otherwise) that voluntary groups can't sustain themeselves to keep on keeping on. They decay. They then either die or shamble on, incontinent and incompetent zombie... Continue Reading →

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