On the rebound… #recycling #JevonsParadox

Here's a lovely demonstration of how recycling and return schemes don't necessarily provide ALL the "savings" you might hope for. "We" are not going to get out of this with just "efficiency." But then, "we" are not going to get out of this at all, are we?

The only thing we learn from history…

is that we learn nothing from history. That's not mine, btw - I filched it from Georgie Hegel. Am thinking at the moment about one of my favourite themes - how little we (e.g. me) learn from our mistakes, how resistant we (e.g. me) can be to robust and would-be-if-we-took-it helpful feedback (whether that is... Continue Reading →

Chaotic conceptions – what would a NON-chaotic conception look like? Or is all chaos? #Mysterions

Let's start with an under-rated tweet. https://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1483901631615971345 Yeah, that's me half an hour ago and I would already struggle to tell you how I came across Sayer 1992. Oh, wait, it was the 2003 paper on Regional Development Agencies and Clusters (reading it for The Job). We are pattern-making machines. We see causation when there... Continue Reading →

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