Community Energy conference in Manchester: Onshore wind competitive, but held back by regulatory resistance

What will incumbents do? According to Max Wakefield, the lead campaigner for British climate charity 10:10, “they’re there to protect their market share.” Wakefield, who has been running 10:10’ s Blown Away campaign – which seeks to overcome government hostility to onshore wind – said that incumbents can be expected to fight dirty, to buy... Continue Reading →

Gig review: TV Smith in #Manchester 24 May

There are obvious signs that the species, far from being 'sapiens' (wise) is as dumb as a bag of hammers. Item the first: ignoring climate scientists and biologists for the last three decades (or more), and continuing to burn fossil fuels as if there were, um, no tomorrow. Item the second: building up nuclear weapons... Continue Reading →

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