A whole bunch of videos I made last week

I set myself a bunch of targets last Sunday. Missed most of them, but did over-achieve on making short (under 2 mins 20 seconds) videos about things I think other people might benefit from knowing/I would have benefited from knowing when I was young.

Most of them are “Looting the Ivory Towers”, and the others are “Fun with Neologisms.”

Am very keen to hear from people about what they like, don’t like about these vids, what they think should be improved. I will make more, but certainly not as many as I have this week. (the tricks, btw, are to have a template, to make the powerpoints in one go and then do the recording/uploading at a rate of two per day. Or that’s how I did it, anyway).

Everybody wants to be a superhero


Collective Competence



Movement Action Plan (and the uses to which it is put)


Information Deficit Model

Sequential Consensual Autophagous Meetings

Cabron Offsetting


Imprinting (“The Lorenz Complication”) and why nobody sticks aroundhttps://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1638126293064491009
“Everyone wants to be a superhero”… https://youtu.be/GM9ifIt9BFQ
Collective Competence https://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1638809527083585538
Facipulation https://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1637718015394340865
Movement Action Plan (and the uses to which it is  put)https://youtu.be/URFXpyW1bis
Information deficit modelhttps://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1638219668300111875

Three neologisms

Absolution Services/cabron offsettinghttps://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1639528542684827654
SCAM – https://marchudson.net/2019/11/18/sequential-consensual-autophagous-meetings/https://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1639306868341317632

Two concepts


Power over Profit

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  1. Marc, I am not sure every one wants to be a “super hero”, in fact I am not sure every one knows what they really want! That is the real problem, “social movements” have no head, they are an amalgam of ideas that wax and wain. Until society focuses on one issue and is prepared to bleed for it, social movements will go nowhere.

    1. Hi John,
      sure, there are different motivations. What I am trying to get at is that people have quite unrealistic expectations about what being involved in a group actually entails. It mostly isn’t glamourous stuff, or even stuff that you know is going to be consequential…. I don’t think a society has ever focused on one issue (even in WW2 there was still plenty else going on in most combatant nations!). The thing with social movements is that they are made up of organisations which agree on the existence of a problem, but that is as far as the consensus goes – diff orgs will have diff analysis/explanation of the causes of the problem and the solutions. So, getting agreement on more than that is not easy. Fortunately, it’s also not always required – progress happens because enough ppl agree there’s a problem and a “solution” (usually one acceptable to today’s incumbents) is pushed up the hill like wet spaghetti.
      What makes climate change due to carbon dioxide (etc) build up so hilarious is that to solve it we WOULD need “society focus(ing)) on one issue”. But that’s not going to happen, and anyway, the analysis of poor/colonised nations has always been – understandably – that this problem was caused by the rich nations and they, therefore, should take the lead in addressing it. After a brief period (1992-1999-ish) the rich nations have turned around and said, in effect, “yeah, nah, whatevs.”

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