Looting the Ivory Tower: “Managing transition risk”, oil companies and #climate

Another day, another top notch academic article, turned into a glib 2 min 20 second video…

“Managing transition risk: Toward an interdisciplinary understanding of strategies in the oil industry” [aka Why existing academic concepts fall short of capturing the messy complexity of #EnergyTransition and what needs to be done]

Here’s the video

This is an absolutely CORKING Paper. It was published in Energy Research & Social Science – you can (and should) download a copy here

There is a LOT more in the paper than fits in a 2min 20sec video, obvs. Rich rich pickings.

Those TLAs

• BAU – Business as Usual

• CCUS – Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage

• EST — energy system transformation

•IEC — integrated energy company

•IOC — international oil  company

•IPE — international political economy

•NOC — national oil  company

•PBV – Position-based view

•RBV – Resource-based view

•STT — socio-technical transitions

•TSC — Transition Strategy Continuum

2 thoughts on “Looting the Ivory Tower: “Managing transition risk”, oil companies and #climate

Add yours

  1. Are we spending too much time on fossil fuels? While currently they are the main source of our energy, what we do with this energy is just as, if not more destructive to our environment.
    Which raises the question; even with “clean energy”, will our climate/environment be any better off?
    Fossil fuels are only one facet of mankind’s rape of the planet.

    1. Yes, and by focussing on renewables to “replace” fossil fuels we are dodging the bigger questions – how much energy, why, how to get it etc….

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