Neologism of the decade: nihiliberalism

(or should that be nihilogism of the decade?)

There’s this

and this bit of an interview with the late Mark Fisher.

“Now we are faced with nihiliberalism rather than neoliberalism. The phrases justifying neoliberalism are mechanistically repeated, but there’s no real conviction in it anymore.”

Hat-tip to @Dant_Lane for bringing this to my attention.

Basically, the words keep getting repeated, but nobody (but nobody) believes them, or expects anyone else to believe them. The words are only uttered to give the hired goons enough time to switch the safety switches on their weapons from “maim” to “kill them all, let god sort them out.”

Meanwhile, the damage that a relatively small percentage of the world’s population have done to the world’s ecosystems (and continued to do long after they were warned to knock it off) has escalated to the point it is almost certainly self-sustaining. This will render the goons’ weapons very necessary in the short-term, and quite redundant in the medium-term.

And here we are.

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  1. Goons usually end up taking out their “masters” once they’re no longer of use to them. Once the magic tokens no longer get them anything the only thing left of value is what they can plunder and with the motherload so close…?

    Nihilism of whatever flavor, and they’re really all just Fash-flavored anyway, ends up in a bunker. If they’re lucky their “guards” do them in so they don’t have to do it themselves.

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